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Nebra Miner Consumer Group

Many people who purchased Nebra Miners have not received them. Attempts to get a refund through legal means are met with indifference and false promises. Those that get miners report serious defects. Join this consumer activism group and get your money back.

Whats the plan
Hold Nebra to Account

Nebra do not want to go to court, if they lose in court they'll have to change their practices and it will make it easier to challenge future refunds.

Under UK law it requires 10 people to classify as an affected class of people but not all lawyers will take a collective case. We are getting advice on how to maximise our impact and minimise or eliminate losses. Join the group and help people like you hold Nebra to account. Read about the plan below. 

How it started
I bought a miner I never received

I purchased a miner on the recommendation of a friend on the 17th of April 2021, in October 2021 I asked for my tip to be refunded. After they missed their Q2  deadline I asked for a refund which started a long meandering process of indifference, ignorance and passive aggression. On the 19th of September I hired a lawyer, sent one letter to nebra and got my money refunded, they refused to pay costs of £60. I promised them I would help others secure their refunds and that is why I set this site up that sparked from this reddit post.

Why should I trust you

This is a fair question, my name is David. I spent months trying to get a refund from Nebra. If you are here chances are you have been burnt already like I have. I cannot stand bullies so I am happy to invest my time to help others, a promise I made to Nebra when they refused my legal fees in the most Nebra way possible. If your not sure I will provide the method for how to get your money back on this site by sharing my own story so you can go it alone and be well informed . I do not intend to collect any money from you but will ask for an email address. You can change your mind at any time.

The Plan is Simple

Hold Them to Account

Knowledge is Power

A company policy cannot override your consumer rights. To enforce your rights sometimes you need to go to court. Representation is expensive. Nebra knows this. I got my refund for £60 through a registered lawyer in the UK with a debt collection letter. I've spoken with many people in and out of the UK who have employed other tactics. We want to enable you to fight your own battle, support you with the right information and look at the potential for group litigation. We're getting an answer to that on the 7th of October. That is our first step to minimise or possibly eliminate your loses. It may be the only step required. 

Learn about your options
Tell your story

Support others like you

You will only be asked for your email address to join this consumer group and we will never ask you for money. If you can like, share, upvote, post and spread the word. It will only be used for the express purpose of helping you get your refund.

Take action now
File the right reports

Speak to the right authorities

We have a list of actions you can take right now that will help strengthen the cause of the entire group. No matter where you are in the world, stand up for consumers like you by reporting bad behaviour you experience to authorities like trading standards, Action Fraud, the Federal Trade Commission and European Anti-fraud Alliance. 

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Let’s do this

It's about time you got your money back

Join the Group